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Unique features

Our bifold doors, sliding doors and glazing systems are made with unique features (just like us)

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at IDSystems. Each bespoke design for a bifold door, sliding door or glazing product is individually made to bring our customer’s vision to life. And choosing IDSystems means you’ll also benefit from the most technically advanced features such as child safe panel catches and stacking clips – unique innovations that you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Unique child safe panel catch with self-release function

The panel catch is designed to hold the single door in place for safety and to balance the weight of the doors for smooth operation. The Sunflex panel catch is unique and tightens when the doors are opened, this keeps the door in place until the doors are closed again, when it self-releases making it even easier to fully close the doors. As always, leading the way in design and technology.

running-gear.jpgUnique concealed running gear

The stainless steel running mechanism consists of four wheels manufactured from tough glass fibre reinforced polyamide and set around a maintenance-free sealed ball-bearing, giving a quiet, smooth operation with optimum resistance to extreme weather and temperatures fluctuations.

Super smooth running

The efficient German engineering of these systems ensure smooth operation and ease of use. With good maintenance, you not experience any deterioration in performance through time. This was just one of the reasons our SF55 bifold doors were award winners at the Build It Awards.

Highest weather rating and low U-Values

Unlike our competitors, IDSystems are technically lead.

We strive to give our customers information that is important to them. That is why our systems are fully tested with weather performance credentials and U-Value statistics (our quoted U-Values include the frame work – other companies may quote just the glass which is misleading).

All our systems meet or exceed the requirements for building regulations with our SF75 bifold doors system achieving a U-Value of less than 1.0 W/m²K and a severe weather rating - when used with the weathered track option, providing a top and bottom double-rebated seal. Unique triple gaskets provide a finger cushion and eliminate draughts. The system also achieves EN12206-11 – Air Permeability Class 4, Water Tightness Class 9A (900Pa), Wind Resistance Class 4 – the best combined achievement of any folding sliding door system on the market today.

High security locking

Lead door or single pass door fitted as standard with a five lever key-locking cylinder, incorporating mushroom headed ESPAG bolt and shootbolts top and bottom. A central latch position can be added for convenience with a horizontal stainless steel lever handle.

First opening pair (or alternative lead door) consists of a two-point top and bottom shootbolt mechanism. The locking system is incorporated within the framework within each intermediate panel, operated by an internal flush handle. For improved security all Sunflex bifold doors systems are internally glazed as standard with centre secured locking hinge pins and interlocking gaskets.

Where there are an odd number of panels, a five-lever profile cylinder is fitted to the end lead door; or to the first opening pair in an even number of panels. It can be fitted to either the inside only or both internally and externally, meeting the requirements of the Association of British Insurers.

Slim sightlines with finger safe gaskets

The Sunflex system has revolutionary narrow sightlines (114mm), maximising light and enhancing your view. With a triple gasket for finger cushioning and tight compression seals, this is the most weather tight folding door available.

Unique stacking clip safely securing the panels to one side

When in the open position, the stacking clip secures the panels in their 90 degree position, the doors remain safely in this position until released.

Just because something looks the same, doesn't mean it is

Other sliding doors and bifold doors may look like ours (they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all), but ours are truly unique in many ways. High German engineering ensures good performance in all areas, giving us the highest combined weather performance of any bifold doors system on the market today.

Inherited expertise

Just like any experienced company, the expertise of our bifold doors has been passed down through generations. Sunflex have been manufacturing doors in Germany for over 30 years now and with their extensive knowledge and experience it means that with each new system brought to market comes new technology, innovation and expertise. Improving thermal efficiency before regulations required you to do so; opening corners and curves because our customers wanted the 'wow factor'.

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